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a collection of three hand painted scallop shells,  These shells are painted in batches, and will be grouped together so that the colours compliment eachother.


due to each item being unique, not evry shell pictured is available, and not every available shell is pictured. however if you have your eye on a particular peice, please let me know as i can always recreate a simular design if that one is out of stock. or perhapse youjust prefer the ombrae style over the striped option.

Some have a layer of glow in the dark detail. plese select this option if you want your ornimental shells to glow.


if you don't let me know, I wont know. But if you let me know, I will do my best to select the best shells for you.


all shells have been sprayed with a protectiv top coat and can there for be displayed both in and outdoors.

Loose Shell Selection