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  • do you do commissions?
    custom work is my favourite (and best)!
  • Is everything you make bespoke?
  • Can i get this giftwrapped?
  • Why should i buy Cranberry Kelpies?
    Buying from cranberry kelpies insures that you will receive a one of a kind peice made by yours truly. This is a one woman buiseness and by purchacing my products you are investing in a creative witch makes each piece with care and aims to be as ethical as possible in the creation of products and purchasing of materials. Every step of my process, from collecting shells, to designing a product or even packaging an order is filled with the same love I put into choosing gifts for my closest friends. I work every day to make my world beautiful and reconnect with nature and all I want is to share that joy with you (and eat, I like eating too).
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